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Battle Bobos rewady for shipment...
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Battle Bobos were a limited-run set of 91 unique cards made in collaboration with Bertie Bert The Pomeranian and friends that were sold online to benefit Best Friends Animal Society. All 50 packs sold out in less than 24 hours, and we were able to donate 300 dollars to the BFAS.

Battle Bobos, design-wise, aimed to capture the edgy, heavy metal, egypto-punk aesthetic of a certain trading card game I played growing up. I designed a simple game system for Battle Bobos, which worked alright in the playtests friends and I did. 

There's a joy in opening up a neat little thing with surprises inside, so I asked my friends if they would be willing to donate some sticker designs with "Little Dog Energy"-- such a fantastic variety! 

I designed, printed and produced all 500~ cards, and with help from friends to hand-cut and pack them and my dear mum to ship them. Thanks mum!

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